EcoComfort prefabricated houses are manufactured in the factory under stable and controlled conditions where timber, insulation and other fabrics are not exposed to weather conditions before being locked in weatherproof capsule. This process provides unrivalled accuracy and is quickest technology delivering a ready shell within 3 days.

Legalett passive foundation - innovative and unique system consisting of traditional foundation, screed and underfloor heating in one. As a genius structure LEGALETT eliminates thermal bridging, provides excellent thermal comfort throughout the house and reduces energy bills and CO2 footprint.

The key role of passive windows is to deliver excellent thermal insulation combined with superb air tightness and sufficient sunlight transmittance. EcoComfort offers dedicated solutions for passive housing which comply and in most cases outperform standards and requirements outlined by Passive House Institute in Germany

A dedicated project manager will assist and guide you through the whole process, all the way from design, planning permission, building control, building process, to certification and finally delivering the key to your brand new home.

When you come to us whether you chose a design from our catalogue or seeking for custom build, we are ready to help transform your dreams into reality.

EcoComfort provides professional one stop solution for complete domestic development delivering bespoke interiors with a great passion for attention to details and quality.

PV solar panels, wind turbines, air or ground source pumps - all of them provide great value and can deliver free energy to power up your house, but no only. On the top of free energy you will benefit from feed in tariffs which can generate tax free income guaranteed to be paid for another 20 years.

The ecological new builds such as passive houses are often considered to benefit from much better financial conditions than ordinary builds. Lenders make decisions based on the environmental and social impact of projects, including energy use, pollution, saving resources and supporting sustainable communities.

At the start of your search, you need to familiarise yourself with the area, and gather as much information on it as possible. Even if you are looking in your own neighbourhood, you may be surprised by what you find out with a little research.