Windows and doors are very important part of passive houses. The key role is to deliver excellent thermal insulation combined with superb air tightness and sufficient sunlight transmittance.




Passive standard for windows requires frame to be passiveWindows6
well insulated and fitted with E-low glazing units filled with argon/krypton to achieve

U value ≤ 0.8 W/m²K and
G value ≥ 50% (G – value is solar transmittance).

EcoComfort offers dedicated solutions for passive housing
which comply and in most cases outper-form standards
and requirements outlined by Passive House Institute
in Germany achieving

U value ≤ 0.7Wm²K and
G value ≥ 70%

effectively providing better efficiency
and bigger energy savings.

EcoComfort also provides professional fitting services in compliance with passive standards.